Love ignites hope, true love conveys warmth | Zhongda Advanced Material donates love to sick employees

2021-07-23 00:00:00 浙江中达新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 308

Recently, Zhongda Advanced Material learned that Hu Chuanming, an employee of a workshop, unfortunately fell ill. Under the organization of the party branch, the company immediately called on all party members, Communist Youth League members and workshop workers to carry forward the humanitarian spirit of "mutual aid and mutual aid" under the organization of the party branch. , to lend a helping hand and donate to Hu Chuanming to help him tide over the difficulties.


Hu Chuanming is a foreign employee from Hubei. Since he joined the company in 2012, he has been serious and responsible, diligent and conscientious, and gets along well with his colleagues. I learned from the workshop director that Hu Chuanming never complained about the busy workshop work. In June of this year, Hu Chuanming went to the hospital for a check-up due to physical discomfort and was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. This sudden bad news made my colleagues feel very sorry. In the company, Hu Chuanming is a grass-roots employee. At home, he is the pillar of the family. Facing his son who is still in high school, the burden of the family is firmly on him alone.


A difficult one, P Plus support. After learning about the situation, the company decided to make love donations for Hu Chuanming in consideration of his difficulties. In just two days of fundraising, a total of more than 12,800 yuan of love donations was collected. Immediately, Wu Liyang, secretary of the party branch and general manager of Zhongda Advanced Material, Gao Xiaohua, deputy general manager, trade union representatives and workshop director, handed over the collected donations to Hu Chuanming, concerned about his illness, and encouraged him to fight against the disease bravely and strive for get well soon.


Facing the heavy donation, Hu Chuanming and his wife are very grateful to their colleagues for their care. I believe that with the care and help of all the employees of the company, and Hu Chuanming's hard work, he and his family will be able to tide over the difficulties and regain their health!