Win-win cooperation | Zhongda Advanced Material and Jiangsu Oriental Regis Energy Equipment signed a strategic cooperation agreement

2021-07-23 00:00:00 浙江中达新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 276

In order to better serve customers, further deepen cooperation, and implement the theme of creating high-quality products, rapid delivery, and creating value for strategic customers, on July 23, Zhongda Advanced Material and Jiangsu Oriental Regis Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a two-party strategy The cooperation agreement aims to consolidate the cooperation between the two parties and enhance the level of cooperation between the two parties.


Accompanied by Wu Liyang, general manager of Zhongda Advanced Material, Cheng Jiabiao, general manager of Jiangsu Oriental Regis Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. and his party visited the workshops of the company. The two parties had a friendly and in-depth conversation, focusing on sharing the development status of their respective companies and the analysis and prediction of the future market.


Mr. Cheng expressed his appreciation and affirmation for the on-site management of Zhongda Advanced Material, and he was also very interested in the EP grade semiconductor tubes produced by the company.

In the past two years, Zhongda Advanced Material has cooperated closely with Dongfang St. Regis, and has undertaken most of its heat exchanger tube needs. Oriental St. Regis' core products such as electric heaters and reduction furnaces occupy a high proportion in the fields of photovoltaic new energy and acetic acid, and there is also a lot of demand for nickel-based tubes every year. Thanks to the influence of Oriental St. Regis in the industry, Zhongda Advanced Material also has more opportunities to participate in the supporting services of high-end equipment.


The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will help the transformation and upgrading of Zhongda Advanced Material' product structure, continuously expand high-quality end customers, and lay a solid foundation for the future product sales market. In the follow-up, the two parties will further promote the development of the manufacturing industry by relying on their advantages in their own fields. According to the agreement, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages, deepen comprehensive strategic cooperation, and carry out in-depth multi-field, multi-level and multi-form cooperation and exchanges based on the principle of "complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and common development" to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for both parties. !


(Zhongda Advanced Material Su Xiaoguang)