Skill Competition | Zhongda Advanced Material Launches Driving Competition

2021-07-24 00:00:00 浙江中达新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 453

In order to further improve the overall professional skills and operation safety level of the company's driving operators, further stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to participate in and study skills, and form a good atmosphere of everyone competing for the top, learning theory, comparing technology, fighting strength, and actively learning professional technology, Reduce the risk of accidents in driving operations and create a harmonious and safe working atmosphere. Zhongda Advanced Material Security Department organized a driving skills competition.

There are 20 participants in this competition, who are recommended by each workshop or signed up for the competition in the form of self-recommendation. The competition judge is Qian Haiying, a data officer of the Quality Inspection Department who has won the first prize of the Jiaxing Driving Competition and the certificate of professional driving technician.

On the afternoon of July 22, the driving competition was launched in the open area of the Zhongda New Material Perforation Workshop. After the contestants were fully familiar with the venue and the requirements of the competition, the referee gave an order. The contestants held the remote control and operated carefully. Under the operation of the players, they avoided obstacles flexibly, and finally landed at the designated parking spot in a standardized and stable manner.

After nearly 4 hours of fierce competition, the driving competition ended successfully. In the end, the third prize winners of this competition are Wu Yunxiang, the straightening team leader of the first workshop, Wu Mingliang, a straightening worker in the second workshop, and Ye Fen, a cutting worker in the precision workshop. The second prize winners are Xu Zhongbao, a lubrication worker in the second workshop, and a finished product packaging and shipping worker in the second workshop Wang Xiaoming, the first prize winner, Xia Yongmei, a finished product line worker in the first workshop.

This driving competition fully promoted the strong craftsmanship of Zhongda Advanced Material, and reflected the company's important measures to actively create high-quality products, improve efficiency, and comprehensively build a "safe team". The competition has improved the professional skills of the driving staff and promoted the work efficiency of everyone.


(Zhongda Advanced Material Chen Jie)