Build a strong line of defense | Zhongda Advanced Material conducts new employee induction safety education and training

2022-03-26 00:00:00 浙江中达新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 445

In order to effectively improve the safety awareness of newly recruited employees, popularize safety knowledge, master safety skills, enhance self-protection ability, and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, on March 25, Zhongda Advanced Material conducted a centralized safety education and training for newly recruited employees. A total of 54 employees participated in the training.


The training systematically explained the four aspects of improving safety awareness, learning safety knowledge, mastering safety skills, and safety laws and regulations, popularizing the concepts of "safety first" and "safety production, everyone is responsible", and gave various kinds of fire protection. The correct use of equipment and labor protection equipment and the common sense of on-site first aid are explained.

The improvement of safety awareness can greatly reduce some risks and even prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents. Dangers are everywhere. This training uses a number of real cases to illustrate the importance of safe production, and organizes the participants to jointly analyze the cause of the accident and learn lessons from the accident.

The safety knowledge learning session focuses on the various factors that lead to the occurrence of safety accidents and the small knowledge of how to avoid accidents. In addition, common safety signs were displayed in this training, and the trainees' impression of safety knowledge was deepened with easy and interesting on-site question and answer.

This training has laid a solid foundation for further promoting new employees to comply with safety guidelines and ensuring the company's safe development, and also enabled the participants to have a further systematic understanding of safe production. Safety education is a long way to go. All employees of Zhongda Advanced Material will always keep in mind the safety mission, implement safety responsibilities, build a safety bottom line, and do a good job in safety production and risk control.