The "epidemic" road has me, volunteering to walk | Zhongda Advanced Material is in action!

2022-03-14 00:00:00 浙江中达新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 199

There is not a winter insurmountable, and there is not a spring that will not come. The current epidemic situation is severe and complicated. In order to protect the lives and health of the general public and ensure the normal and safe production of enterprises, on March 18, Zhongda Advanced Material volunteers joined the nucleic acid testing volunteer team of all employees in Baibu Town. The nucleic acid testing point of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (Phase II) of the Bu Economic Development Zone cooperated with Baibu Town to carry out voluntary service of nucleic acid testing for all staff.


Volunteers provide order guidance, assist in registration and other assistance work at the nucleic acid testing site. Some provide guidance and assistance to residents who do not use WeChat mini-programs to scan code for registration, some cooperate with doctors and nurses to register code-scanning personnel, and some assist special populations with sampling, etc. One-meter noodles, isolation belts, temperature measurement, double code checking, and information registration, from the entrance to the exit, volunteers helped the residents to make arrangements in an orderly manner, ensuring that the detection work at each card point was carried out efficiently. The volunteer said, "Although I am not a doctor or a nurse, I should do my best to win the battle against the epidemic with everyone!" A retreat.


In the face of the epidemic, the volunteers overcame difficulties with enthusiasm, obeyed the arrangements, and actively assisted doctors and nurses in various tasks. The epidemic is an order, and actions show responsibility. Every employee of Zhongda Advanced Material will help each other and help each other! Win this silent war "epidemic" and wait for the spring to bloom!