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Zhongda Import and Export

Since 2001, the company has made substantial growth in its import and export businesses by gaining a foothold in its original operations. In 2018, the company established its Shanghai branch, marking its first step towards the vision of “global presence”. Import and export value of the company exceeded USD 100 million. A five-year development plan was developed at the end of the year to open up new businesses including engineering packaging and integration and fastener products. In 2019, the company established its Singaporean branch and in the meantime, started cross-border e-commerce business to innovate business channels and developing online businesses. In 2020, the company separately established Zhonghe Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. and Zhongda Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. Zhonghe Chemical Engineering, a company committed to researching and developing column internals and fillers, has developed super-tray series product based on its core patented technology, which is jointly operated with Zhongda Goods Rack; Zhongda Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. specializes in researching and developing welding technologies with a vision to build a unique brand under the banner of the company. In 2020, the company acquired stock shares of the U.S.-based US Storage LLC. to establish a joint venture serving the North American market. Focusing on both ends of the market even without being a manufacturer, the company targets itself at becoming an international comprehensive company that serves the development strategy of its parent company towards building a “century-old” enterprise.