Zhongda Advanced Material and Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement

2021-10-30 00:00:00 浙江中达新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 61

On October 27th, the main leader of Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd. Zheng Juyong and his party came to Zhongda Advanced Material to visit and exchange, and the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Wu Liyang, general manager of Zhongda Advanced Material, introduced the current situation and follow-up development ideas of Zhongda Advanced Material to Mr. Zheng of Wison Engineering and his party, and accompanied him to visit the company's production workshops. Afterwards, the two parties had in-depth exchanges on follow-up quality control, product delivery, and mutually beneficial cooperation. Mr. Zheng from Wison Engineering affirmed the early cooperation between the two parties and was full of confidence in the future strategic cooperation.

Wison Engineering is the largest chemical EPC (design, procurement and construction management) service provider in China, specializing in engineering construction and technical services for petrochemical, coal chemical and oil refining units, and its overseas business is expanding rapidly. In the early stage, Zhongda Advanced Material and Wison Engineering reached a strategic cooperation intention based on the principles of integrity, mutual benefit and win-win after many exchanges and exchanges. With this signing, Wison Engineering takes Zhongda Advanced Material as the first strategic customer in the field of stainless steel pipe supply, laying a solid foundation for the two parties to further deepen cooperation.

This year is the strategic customer year of Zhongda Advanced Material. The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many top domestic equipment manufacturers. Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd. is also the first strategic customer of Zhongda Advanced Material in the engineering field. It has taken a solid step for the subsequent stabilization of the fluid pipe business. It is believed that through the signing of the strategic agreement, the high-quality business of Zhongda Advanced Material will become more and more stable, and the development of the enterprise will become more and more smooth!