Ingenuity builds dreams and creates a win-win situation | Zhongda Advanced Material held the 2021 annual summary and commendation conference

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On January 15th, Zhongda Advanced Material held the 2021 annual summary and commendation conference with the theme of "creating dreams with ingenuity and creating a win-win situation". personnel are present. The conference summarized the achievements of all new employees in 2021, and commended the outstanding teams and individuals this year.

At the beginning of the meeting, the heads of each center made a summary report on the work in 2021, and made a plan and outlook for the work content in 2022. All departments are confident and determined to complete the 2022 plan goals.

The achievements in 2021 are inseparable from the hard work of all departments and employees of Zhongda Advanced Material. At the award ceremony, the leaders issued pennants and honorary certificates to outstanding teams, outstanding teams, quality stars, sales stars, and professional experts.

Excellent team: perforation workshop  Second finished product workshop

Excellent team: cold rolling in the second workshop  appearance size of the first workshop

quality star

sales star


Excellent Rationalization Proposer

Outstanding Newcomer Award

Innovation Award

Perry Consultant Chen Zhihua

Subsequently, Mr. Chen Zhihua, consultant of Zhongda Group, used the data to analyze the problems existing in the current production of Zhongda Advanced Material, and put forward valuable suggestions for lean management in 2022. He hopes that Zhongda Advanced Material can make a fuss on the word "fast" in 2022, through "today's work today", "high standards and high requirements", "quick response and quick action", "don't give up if the standard is not met", "first The six major standards of "enter first, transfer out" and "daily plan daily restocking" have effectively improved management.

At the end of the meeting, Wu Liyang, general manager of Zhongda Advanced Material, explained the strategic plan of Zhongda Advanced Material in 2022 in detail. In 2022, the company will still maintain the positioning of "strategic customer year", mainly by optimizing sales policies, re-dividing the market; focusing on industry segmentation, strengthening the market share of "specialized, special and new"; setting up the management of business divisions based on industry segmentation Model; relying on workshop contracting, improve product quality and work efficiency, and implement four major measures of innovation for all employees to ensure the realization of the strategic goals in 2022.