New leap and new journey | Zhongda Advanced Material held the 2020 annual summary and commendation conference

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In order to do a good job in the 2020 annual summary and 2021 work deployment, Zhongda Advanced Material held the 2020 annual summary and commendation conference with the theme of "New Leap, New Journey" in the conference room on the fourth floor of the company on the evening of January 8.


The participants included Wu Liyang, general manager of Zhongda Advanced Material, Li Yuesheng, the resident supervisor, Chen Zhihua, consultant of PERI, as well as heads of various departments, all team leaders, administrative second-line personnel, party member representatives, and commended personnel. The meeting is divided into six agendas: 1. The heads of the centers report the 2020 annual summary and 2021 work plan; 2. Mr. Chen Zhihua speaks on the work plan of Zhongda Advanced Material in 2021; 3. General Manager Wu Liyang reports on Zhongda Advanced Material 2021 Annual work plan; 4. Each center signed the 2021 annual target responsibility letter; 5. Commend advanced;


Mr. Wu made a speech

Teacher Chen Zhihua gave a speech

Wu Yueqin, Director of Quality Assurance Center, delivered a speech

Chen Xiaofu from the Technology Center delivered a speech

The leaders of each center made a profound summary:

The marketing center has faced extremely difficult challenges in the past year, but it still achieved good results in 2020: the number of contracts signed in 2020 increased by 18.55% compared with 2019, the amount signed increased by 3.35%, and the number of invoices The growth rate was 14.11%.

The production volume of the operation center in 2020 increased by 19% compared with 2019, and participated in the construction of the information system to improve the internal work efficiency.

While sharing the successful experience, the head of the technology center also pointed out some shortcomings in his work, and he is full of confidence in the work in 2021.

The Quality Assurance Center summarizes the great achievements we have made in the improvement of product qualification rate and internal and external loss control in the past, and implements refined management to carry out product quality management to the end.

The key work of the Finance Center in 2020 is mainly the sorting out of IPO listings and the application of information systems.

The director of the management center reported the work summary of 2020. In the past year, the management of personnel files, standardized management, and talent reserve have been greatly improved compared with the previous year.


General Manager Wu Liyang summed up the business indicators for 2020 at the meeting, and summed up all the work in 2020: the spread of the epidemic in 2020, although production and sales have been affected a little, but with everyone's concerted efforts, we All indicators have been successfully completed. 2020 is the year of the integration of industrialization and industrialization of Zhongda Advanced Material. In terms of informatization, it has mainly completed ① the normal operation of the advanced production scheduling system APS; ② the development of "smart card opening module"; ③ the creation of "smart unmanned warehouse" ;④ The customer service APP applet fully connects with customers. At the same time, new plans are also proposed for 2021, mainly including the transfer of personnel positions, various plans for the factory area, etc. In the new year, the people of Zhongda Advanced Material are still adhering to the hard work of "fine management and continuous innovation" in their jobs, and move forward in pursuit of their dreams.


Commendation Collection:

The meeting commended the 2020 Outstanding Reserve Talents, Newcomer Progress Award, Beautiful Factory Promotion and Progress Award, Learning Power Point Award, Innovation Award, Quality Star, Marketing Star, Excellent Team, Outstanding Contribution Award, Outstanding Contribution Award and many other awards.

Innovation Award

sales star

Newcomer Progress Award

Excellent reserve talents

Beautiful Factory Advancement Award

Learning Power Points Award

Outstanding Contribution Award


At the end of the meeting, the resident supervisor Li Yuesheng made a concluding speech for the meeting. In addition to congratulating the personnel who were commended today, Mr. Li also expressed confidence in the future development of Zhongda Advanced Material and hoped that all employees would be united. Make concerted efforts to give full play to the strong team cohesion of Zhongda Advanced Material and draw a new chapter in 2021.