I am capable, I am confident, I am happy | Zhongda Advanced Material held a parent-child celebration on June 1

2021-05-29 00:00:00 浙江中达新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 253

Children are the future of the motherland and flowers that need to be nourished with heart. On the occasion of the "June 1st" International Children's Day in 2021, in order to further expand the spare time life of employees, increase the care for young people and children, and increase the communication and interaction between parents and children, so that the majority of children can spend a happy holiday. , Zhongda Advanced Material created a happy and sweet festive atmosphere, and held a parent-child activity on May 29 with the theme of "I am capable, I am confident, and I am happy".


make sushi


pitching game


Talent show


The simple game is full of innocence and childlike fun, and happiness is displayed on the smiling face. The "I am capable, I am confident, I am happy" parent-child activity of Zhongda Advanced Material satisfies children's desire to play with their parents, and also allows parents to return to childhood in the company of their children. The activity not only brought joy to the children, but also promoted the parent-child communication among the employees, increased the feelings between parents and children, and allowed the children to give their parents more understanding and tolerance.


Zhongda Advanced Material promotes the fine traditions and fine styles of the Chinese nation with novel and unique interactions, and pays more attention to employees and their children. Only when the family is harmonious and the children grow up happily and healthily can employees devote themselves to work without distractions and contribute to the company's well-being. Contribute to high-quality development.